How can you stand out against your competition?

How do Competitors affect you in your business? When you think of business and your competitors, what do you actually think of? Is it how can you beat them, it is to criticise them or is it to learn from them? There are 2 ways to look at our competition. The first is to be […]


Do you suffer from NFL on Facebook?

Some business advice to all of the people out their that have joined network marketing companies. I see this all the time and it drives me CRAZY!!! I un-friend and unfollow people when it happens proving that there really is a disease called NFL!! If you are in Network Marketing there is a good chance […]


Are You A Tennis Ball or Are You An Egg?

How you answer that question could well determine how far you will go in life! It is quite a funny thought but if you really think about it, it totally makes sense. In life/business/relationships, anything that you do really, you always have a choice as to how you react to situations. Some people will criticise […]


The effects of stress on your body can be devastating.

Most people suffer from STRESS!! It is the price we pay for modern life. We are running around like headless chickens, not eating correctly, lacking in sleep, not exercising enough and technology fries our brains (check out the photo 😉 ). This puts major stress on our bodies. One of the main things that stress […]


Do you think you are being paid enough for what you are doing?

Have you ever wondered if you are really being paid enough for what you are doing when you are self employed? All to often we hear people complain that they aren’t earning what they think they should be. Do you have people in your team that  say this too? The key is, that sometimes in […]


What is your definition of Success?

What does success mean to you? When you think of successful people, what do you actually think of? How do you define success? What does it mean to you? I was recently listening to a audio recording of a successful business man and he made a statement about success. It was “What is your definition […]


Are you really listening to what is being said?

It is amazing how many people say that they are listening to you when you are talking, but what they are actually doing is just “hearing” what you say. So few people truly listen. Whether it be at work, at home with the children or when you are building a business. So many of us […]


Building Relationships in Business Always Pays Off

What do business relationships mean to you and your business? Have you ever heard someone say that business is all about the money that you can make and it doesn’t matter how you do it? Do you agree with that statement? For me, I totally disagree. For me business is all about the relationships that […]


How Do You Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway?

What does fear mean to you? Do you panic and run or do you embrace it? Have you ever been so terrified about doing something that you felt absolutely sick? Your knees are shaking, you are having the sweats and your tummy is churning? YES, I can hear most of you say. Most people will […]

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