Healthy Chocolate Cookies

Who loves Chocolate Cookies?  I know I do!! I used to be addicted to chocolate cookies (any real form of chocolate 😝)and would turn into the cookie monster when I couldn’t get access to them.  At times of stress I would have been known to eat a full packet of cookies. That was before I […]


Creamy Chilli Chicken

Creamy Chilli Chicken – Without The Cream I know that before I found our solutions programme, I lived on creamy sauces with my food. I am a “wet” eater and just LOVE ❤ creamy sauces. It was one of the few things that I missed. Some people use Philadelphia cream in sauces but I wanted something […]


Homemade Chilli Jam

Once  you have tasted this you will never go back to store bought chilli jam! This is amazing! Store bought ones taste so flavourless after you have tasted this. Warning!!! Be careful when preparing the chillies! Do not put your hands near your face (or nether regions) after cutting them. Make sure that you wash […]


Solutions Chocolate Bar

Who Loves a Chocolate Treat? I know that I do and have always struggled with my chocolate addiction. Any time I was on another crazy diet I would crave chocolate from day one. I didn’t understand my body at the time, so I always gave in to the chocolate cravings and was back at square […]

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