diary planning – getting the most out of your day

Does your diary run you or do you run your diary?

As a busy mum, there are times that we are running around like headless chickens. There is so much to do, sorting the kiddies out, sorting your partner out, working a full time job, housework, social life and then we have to try to squeeze in running our part time business. Does this sound familiar?

Well last year I felt so over whelmed with everything that I was trying to do and it never felt as though I was in control of what was happening. When I was a guest speaker on a webinar for a cross line team, I was asked the question “What is your daily Method of Operation?” I was stumped and said the words – “I don’t actually have one, I just get on with what I need to do and react to things that are going on around me”.

After I came off the call, it really bothered me that I had answered that question like that. But the reality of it was TRUE. I really was reactive not proactive and I really did see it in my business results.

So how could I change?

Well, me being me, I sat down an analysed what I was doing. What were my main activities? How could I control my diary? What would make me more productive?

I then remembered something that I used to do in my first direct selling business that enabled me to be really productive!! So I started doing it and adding on the extras that I needed to have in order for me to take control now.

The results have been outstanding. It did take a while to get used to being organised again and there are days that I need to make changes do to unseen circumstances (my 8 year old needing to come home from school because he has fallen in the playground). But I highly recommend that you take control of your diary and don’t let it control you. The results in both your family life and business life will be amazing!!

Watch this short video that explains how I have organised my diary to get the best out of my day.

I should apologise for my voice in this video (and the scary still 😉 ). We had been messing around and my 14 year old son was giving me bear hugs  and it actually hurt my lungs- he is soooooooo strong!! However, it’s moments like those that you value being able to be at home with them, messing about having fun and giggles and not worrying that I have to run off to work. I am truly grateful.

I should also say that if you are working full time and only have 1-2 hours available to work on your business take it in bite sized slots. For example, if you have 15 minutes at lunchtime, you could make a phone call to someone (have your list of working leads always in your diary). Do 15 minutes on your way home in the car – using earphones/bluetooth (safety first). Do half an hour after the kids go to bed.

In the hours between 7-9 you should be doing “outward” work. What this means is that you are calling new clients, doing a live webinar, doing a Facebook live. Things that will create new leads for you in your business or what is know as income producing activities. Things that should be done after 9pm are things like creating emails, “office” things, writing blogs if you have it.

During my summer holidays I had also been reading the book “The Morning Miracle” by Hal Elrod and some of the things that he was saying to implement into your morning routine really have helped with my routine and how I plan my day and get results. It is worth a read – I have adapted it to suit my life. For example, rather than separating personal development and exercise, I do them both together. When I am at the gym, I listen to motivational podcasts in my headphones (I even got wireless ones so that I don’t strangle myself on the machines.

Yours in Health and Happiness

If you know a busy mum in network marketing or direct sales that could benefit from reading this and watching the video, please do share. It may help another mum to not be so stressed.

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