Do you have to be a Super Sales Person to Succeed in Business?

Can You Sell Anything To Anyone? I was helping my brother the other day at  a wedding fair and I bumped into a couple of people that I know from my business world over the years. I either knew them from when I worked in advertising, stationery sales or from my first Direct Selling Business. […]


diary planning – getting the most out of your day

Does your diary run you or do you run your diary? As a busy mum, there are times that we are running around like headless chickens. There is so much to do, sorting the kiddies out, sorting your partner out, working a full time job, housework, social life and then we have to try to […]


Does your company reward customers for their loyalty?

Customer Loyalty – What is it worth? It is amazing when a simple situation starts you thinking about something totally different. Does this ever happen to you? Over the Christmas Holidays I got my annual renewal email from my car insurance company. When I opened it I was ever so slightly surprised. It had jumped […]


Do you suffer from NFL on Facebook?

Some business advice to all of the people out their that have joined network marketing companies. I see this all the time and it drives me CRAZY!!! I un-friend and unfollow people when it happens proving that there really is a disease called NFL!! If you are in Network Marketing there is a good chance […]


The effects of stress on your body can be devastating.

Most people suffer from STRESS!! It is the price we pay for modern life. We are running around like headless chickens, not eating correctly, lacking in sleep, not exercising enough and technology fries our brains (check out the photo 😉 ). This puts major stress on our bodies. One of the main things that stress […]

presenting and inspiring people

7 Tips to Overcoming the word NO

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