A Change of Direction

How do you know if you need to change the direction of your life?

In life we tend to get on a road to somewhere and feel that it is the way that we should live our lives. But what if you feel the need to change the direction you are going? What if you are feeling so confused that you can’t function properly and you feel drained and empty? What if you know that my changing direction, you could potentially upset some people? Do you still do it? These are questions that had been going around in my head probably for about 12 months, possibly even longer. Why you might ask

Well let me tell you. Back in 2014 I fell in love with a product range that I knew I could use to help make a change in peoples’ lives. I  was so passionate about it. I was helping people to lose weight and they were becoming healthier in the process as well. I was so passionate about it because the product range had helped me so much. I had researched so much about the ingredients in them, the company, the health benefits and implications and I knew that I had found something that I could work with long term.

What Changed?

However, a couple of things happened, (some of which you would be so shocked about if I were to speak about them), and I began to lose my way. I began to question were I was going with my business and what I wanted to be known for and associated with. For 18 months I was extremely torn about what my future held and I really was uncomfortable with what was happening. I plodded along doing what I needed to do but I really wasn’t enjoying it. I was doing things to keep others happy and I had forgotten about keeping myself happy. I was in fact miserable!

In the summer of 2017, I popped a bone in my neck, pulled a muscle and damaged tendons around the area and I was forced to take time out of everything. When you are lying in bed, unable to move and do anything, it gives you a lot of time to think. I started to ask myself questions. Where did I want to be in 5 years time? What did I want to be doing in my business? Who did I want to spend my valuable time with? What format did I want my business to take? Was I brave enough and confident enough to go against the grain? Would I be a success doing things my way?  My brain hurt and it was a very emotional time for me, but it had to be done.

What was the next step?

After I had really assessed the above questions I knew I had to change the direction that I was going in. I knew that if I continued down the road that I was going that my business (and my sanity) would suffer! So I started a process of making a major change.

Was I scared? Hell Yeah!! I was terrified! However, what actually made me do it was, I was more scared of what I would become if I didn’t make the change.

So what did I do? Well I stepped back from the business practice that was happening all around me. I stayed away from negative, energy zapping people. I made a conscious decision to watch people all around me. I started to do things that make me happy and I got excited again.

During my time of decision making, I actually won a company trip (I never win anything lol) but I am a great believer in things happening for a reason. Physically, my neck was still in a lot of pain (I was having acupuncture to help relieve it – I highly recommend it) and I nearly didn’t go, but I thought that there must be a reason as to why I have won this trip!

I now know the reason why I did!

On the first night, for dinner, we sat at a table of ladies who I really didn’t know very well. We were chatting about weight loss and how our programme works. They were fascinated with how I ran my business, based on clients getting amazing results. When I explained what I did, one lady spoke to me and asked me to personally coach her through my weight loss programme. She had said that she had tried to lose weight before but nothing worked long term and that her next option was a gastric band.

I immediately told her not to do that, and said if she gave me 28 days I would change her life but she had to commit to doing everything that I told her for 28 days. She agreed to do it and I personally coached and mentored her through my programme. In her words – I have changed her life. She has lost 30 pounds to date and has started a fitness regime that she is loving!

Why am I telling you this?

Well you see, by coaching this lady, I reconnected with why I started my business back in 2014. I wanted to coach people towards living a healthy life! To change their relationship with food and to educate them on the correct way to eat to nourish their body. I had forgotten that with all the drama that had been going on around me. I was well and truly lost!!

Now I have found myself again and I have made that change for the better

What did I do?

  • I stayed away from people that brought me down
  • I didn’t get involved in any of the trivial drama that was going on
  • I forgave the people that had hurt me and did me wrong
  • I realised that what people do, says more about them, than it does about me
  • I went back to school!! I studied tirelessly for 5 months, 10 hours a day most days
  • I decided to make a positive change in my life so I could help others
  • I started a new gym routine

It feels amazing!!!

I finally feel back in control of my life again and feel aligned with my personal values, principles and ethics. I feel true to me again and I am so looking forward to what I have planned for the future. I think you are going to love it to.

This does mean that there are going to be a couple of changes with my website.

I am going to be focusing more on health and wellbeing and educating people.

I will be offering a new Personal Consultation Service to help people – watch this space. My blogs will still feature some information about business and empowering yourself as I believe that I can help women to achieve their dreams and learn from what I have been through. I will be posting more regularly and sharing my wisdom with you all!!! I hope you like where I am going with this!

I am so looking forward to helping more people going forward. It is so exciting!!!!

Yours in Health and Happiness

Sandra Miskimmin

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