20 Tips to Survive The Christmas Holidays

Does the month of December fill you full of dread in relation to your health goals.  In the month of December the amount of food that is around us is crazy! How will we survive the coming days with entertaining, eating and drinking the most unhealthiest things around us??? A lot of us accept that the 2 weeks of Christmas are written off when it comes to health and staying on plan.

There are 2 ways of looking at this.

1 – Go out and do whatever you want and not think about it until January.


2 – Enjoy yourself but take a couple of steps to minimise the damage.

Either way the choice is yours, and as long as you are happy with that choice then there is no problem. What I would say is that once you make your decision, stick to it! Don’t change your mind half way through because this is when you have feelings of disappointment.

For me personally, my decision is to do Choice 2. I really like to still feel in control of my eating and drinking 😉 and I still want to feel amazing over the holiday season. When you normally think of the holiday season and over eating, what we really should remember is the horrible feeling that you get after over indulging. It really isn’t a nice feeling. I now am in tune with my body and I listen to the signals that it gives me and I know when to stop!

Below are a 20 Tips of how you can survive the Holiday Season and still enjoy yourself! I know I will!

Merry Christmas and here’s to an Amazing Happy, Healthy New Year.

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